Clicking a Hyperlink in Outlook Shows the Open With Window, With IE Set as Default


When you click a hyperlink in Outlook 2007 or 2010 with Internet Explorer set as the default, the Open With window ("How do you want to open this?" dialog) appears with the list of browser choices. This is an issue in Windows 10 with Outlook 2007 or 2010 installed, and Internet Explorer set as the default browser.

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“Windows Defender Needs to Scan Your Computer” Message Appears Even if the System Was Recently Scanned

windows defender

Are you very often getting the message Windows Defender needs to scan your computer in the Action Center even though you’ve run a scan recently and updated the definitions? Also, when you open Windows Defender, it might read Potentially Unprotected and that You haven’t run a scan on your computer for a while..

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How to Disable Full Row Select and Auto Arrange in Windows 10?

The magical registry edits that I provided several years back to disable auto-arrange and full row select features in Windows 7, also work fine in Windows 10 just as they did in Windows 7. For a detailed explanation about the registry edits (fflags values), check out my earlier posts How to Disable Full Row Select in Explorer in Windows 7? and How to Disable Auto Arrange in Folders in Windows 7?. The registry edit in the latter article is even better, as it disables Auto Arrange in addition.

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How to Use the File History Feature in Windows 8 and 10

File History, which was added in Windows 8, 8.1 (and Windows 10) is used to backup your personal files at chosen intervals and recover a specific version of the file you want from backup. To use File History you need to select an external drive or a network location where you want to backup the files to. You can designate an external drive or network location for File History for multiple PCs. We’ll see how to configure and use File History in Windows 8 and 10 in today’s post.

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How to Backup Windows Spotlight Images in Windows 10 for Safe-Keeping

spotlight imageThe Windows Spotlight brings to you some really amazing images that are worth storing in a safe location. At present, Windows 10 doesn’t have a GUI option to save the Spotlight images; this has to be done manually.

The images are stored in one of the sub-folders several levels underneath the Local App Data folder, that too with random file names and no file extension.

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