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Browser Autofill Phishing Using Hidden Form Fields – Beware and be Safe

If you’ve been using your web browser’s autofill on every website you visit, then here is some important news for you. It has been found that the web browsers such as Chrome, Safari or others that support multi-form autofill can be tricked into giving away your information, even the Credit Card numbers, their expiry dates and the CVV codes to websites.Read more

Customize and Backup Quick Access Toolbar Settings in File Explorer

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), part of the Ribbon framework, is located in the title bar of File Explorer and Office applications. You can add your frequently used ribbon commands to the Quick Access Toolbar for easy access — so that you don’t need to switch tabs each time to use a particular command.Read more

Restore Microsoft Edge “Close All Tabs” Prompt After Disabling it Accidentally

Microsoft Edge shows the confirmation dialog below when you close the app with multiple tabs currently open. If you have dismissed the dialog after accidentally enabling the “Always close all tabs” option and clicking “Close all”, Edge will no longer show you the prompt from the next time, and the setting is saved to the registry.Read more

OneNote 2016 Screen Clipping Shortcut Key – How to Change?

Windows 10 Creators Update replaces OneNote’s popular screen clipping shortcut: Win + Shift + S. Starting with the Creators Update, this shortcut will be a global hotkey — an Operating System feature. Win + Shift + S will capture a screen region from any application and copy it to clipboard — powered by Snipping Tool’s new "/CLIP" command-line.Read more

Make Taskbar Translucent or Fully Transparent in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a hidden, built-in setting to increase the taskbar transparency using the UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency registry value, as you may have already known. Here are two new third-party portable tools using which you can make your taskbar translucent, set gradient color, or make it fully transparent.Read more