Get the Install Date/Time of Store Apps in Windows 10

get appx installation date timestamp

The Apps & Features page in Windows 10 shows you the installation date (without the time) for each UWP app. In Windows 10, this information is stored in the registry.

get appx installation date timestamp

Unfortunately, PowerShell’s Get-AppxPackage cmdlet doesn’t display the installation timestamp data. But you can get the list of app packages and the corresponding install date and time using a script discussed in this post.Read more

How to Save Windows 10/11 Spotlight Wallpapers

Windows Spotlight brings to you some fantastic images that are worth storing. Unfortunately, at present, Windows 10/11 doesn’t have a GUI option to save these lock screen wallpaper images; this has to be done manually or using a custom app or script. This post tells you how to save Windows Spotlight lock screen images automatically or manually.Read more