Fix: System Sounds Not Playing in Windows

wavemapper - play system sounds fix

On some systems, the system sounds don’t play even if the Sound Scheme is set to “Windows Default”. Also, if you open the Sounds Control Panel (mmsys.cpl) and click “Test”, the audio may not be played.

However, you may be able to play the C:\Windows\Media\*.wav files (and any other audio file format) separately using Windows Media Player or any other player.Read more

“Word has encountered a problem” Pasting from Paint to Word/Outlook

paint paste to word or outlook error - encountered a problem

When you paste an image from the modern Paint app in Windows 11 to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook, the following error may occur: Word has encountered a problem. The error message is the same when you paste the copied image (from Paint) into Outlook. However, the image may get pasted from the Clipboard after … Read more

Why there are Two “Microsoft Edge” Entries in Default Apps

two microsoft edge default apps

Though the legacy Microsoft Edge has been entirely replaced by Edge Chromium, even on Windows 10 21H2 computers, you may see two “Microsoft Edge” entries in Default Apps. The first one in the above image is the New Microsoft Edge (Edge Chromium), and the second one showing a blank icon is the legacy Microsoft Edge. … Read more

Windows Update “Check for Updates” Missing from Settings in Windows 10/11

windows update missing in settings - settingspagevisibility

If the Windows Update option (and the “Check for Updates” button) is missing in Settings, it may be due to a group policy or registry-based policy setting.

windows update missing in settings - settingspagevisibility

Despite this issue, you’re able to install updates manually by downloading the .msu package from the Microsoft Update Catalog.Read more