Fix: Cannot Enable Core Isolation Due to Incompatible Drivers

memory integrity notification

When you attempt to turn on Memory Integrity in Windows Security, the Windows Security page scans the drivers to check their compatibility with the Core Isolation/Memory Integrity feature. If there are incompatible drivers found, the list of incompatible drivers is shown. You’ll be asked to address the issue before enabling Memory Integrity.Read more

Fix: Malwarebytes Disables Defender or 3rd Party Anti-Virus

windows defender disabled by malwarebytes premium

After installing Malwarebytes Premium 14-day trial or licensed product, your anti-virus software (e.g., Microsoft Defender Antivirus) may get disabled automatically. In this scenario, when you attempt to start the Microsoft Defender Antivirus Service (WinDefend) via the Services console, it shows the following error, and the service wouldn’t start.Read more

Microsoft Defender: “Managed by your administrator” or “Your IT administrator has limited access”

defender settings grayed out - managed by administrator

In the aftermath of a malware attack, the Windows Defender Security settings page may show the message Some settings are managed by your organization or This setting is managed by your administrator. The real-time protection and cloud-based protection options may remain disabled or grayed out.

Here is what the Windows Defender Settings page might look like. The controls for real-time protection, cloud-based protection, and Automatic sample submission options may be disabled and locked down or grayed out.Read more

Why Is Windows Defender Running Alongside my Antivirus Program?

windows defender limited periodic scanning

After upgrading to Windows 10 version 1607 (known as “Anniversary Update” or “Redstone 1”) released in August 2016, some users are wondering if Windows Defender is running alongside their main antivirus program, as the icons for both programs are visible in the Notification area.

Isn’t Windows Defender supposed to turn itself off when it detects a 3rd party antivirus program in the system?Read more

Add Windows Defender Options as Cascading Right-Click Menu in Desktop

defender cascading menu

Last we saw how the Windows Defender GUI (msascui.exe) can be automated using hidden command-line switches, similar to it’s command-line version – mpcmdrun.exe. Here is a registry tweak that adds some Windows Defender options to the Desktop Context menu as cascading menu to quickly run a scan, update or open Windows Defender.Read more