How to Change Microsoft Defender Definitions Update Frequency

defender updates history - windows update

Microsoft Malware Protection Center releases security intelligence updates (a.k.a, definition updates) every 3-4 hours to update the virus definitions. However, your system may not automatically install every security intelligence update.

Windows Update automatically installs the Defender security intelligence update once per day.Read more

Microsoft Defender Offline Scan Stops at 91%?

defender completes scan at 92%

Microsoft Defender Offline is an antimalware scanning tool that lets you boot and run a scan from a trusted environment. It utilizes Windows RE to run the offline scan.

During the Microsoft Defender Offline scan, it may appear to the user that the scan stalled or crashed at 91%, 92%, or 93% on some systems. This article tells you how to check if the last Microsoft Defender Offline scan was completed correctly.Read more

Accidentally Allowed a Threat in Windows Defender. What to do now?

Defender Allowed Threats reset

When Microsoft Defender Antivirus finds a virus, it asks you what action to take on the threat. The options are “Remove”, “Quarantine”, and “Allow on device”.

You may wonder:

  1. What happens if you’ve accidentally clicked “Allow” instead of “Remove”?
  2. What happens to the “allowed” threat? Will Microsoft Defender Antivirus redetect the item during the next scan?

Read more

Fix: Cannot Enable Core Isolation Due to Incompatible Drivers

memory integrity notification

When you attempt to turn on Memory Integrity in Windows Security, the Windows Security page scans the drivers to check their compatibility with the Core Isolation/Memory Integrity feature. If there are incompatible drivers found, the list of incompatible drivers is shown. You’ll be asked to address the issue before enabling Memory Integrity.Read more

Windows Defender Service Missing; Security at a glance page is Empty

windows defender service missing - security at a glance is empty

In the aftermath of malware infection, when you open the Services MMC on a Windows 10 or 11 computer, you may find that the Windows Defender (“Microsoft Defender Antivirus Service”) service is missing from the Services MMC. The Windows Security settings “Security at a glance” page may show up empty as in the following screenshot. … Read more

“PC-Doctor Module” High CPU, Memory, Disk Usage and Slowdown

dell pc-doctor module 100% cpu and memory usage

Occasionally, your system may slow down to a crawl due to the PC-Doctor Module process that runs in the background. When this happens, it can take several seconds to open the Task Manager or any program.

The Task Manager may show that a process named PC-Doctor Module is occupying 100% of CPU and a very high amount of RAM. You may be wondering if PC-Doctor Module is a virus, Malware, or a PUA.Read more