Powercfg: The hiberfile type does not support hibernation

power options - hibernate missing - dropdown

When you open the Power and sleep buttons and lid settings in Power Options, the Hibernate option may be missing from the dropdown. However, the “Fast Startup” option may be available. When you run Powercfg /AVAILABLESLEEPSTATES or Powercfg /A to report the sleep states available on the system, the output may contain the following line: … Read more

[Fix] F8 Legacy Boot does not work

f8 legacy boot menu

The “bootmenupolicy” setting in the Boot Configuration Database (BCD) defines the type of boot menu (Standard vs. Legacy) the system will use. For Windows 11, 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows RT, the default is Standard. For Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, the default is Legacy. When Legacy is selected, the Advanced options menu (F8) is available.Read more

[SFC] You must be an administrator running a console session

task manager -run command prompt elevated - create new task

When you try to run Sfc.exe /scannow on Command Prompt to repair the system files, the following error message may appear:

You must be an administrator running a console session in order to
use the sfc utility.

This may happen even though you right-click Command Prompt from the Start menu search results, and click Run as administrator.Read more

Msg.exe is missing in Windows 10/11?

msg.exe text message example

Msg.exe is a built-in console tool that can send a message to a user on the same network.

msg.exe text message example

On Windows Home editions, you’ll see the following error when trying to run msg.exe:

'msg.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

That’s because the tool is available only in Windows 10/11 Pro and higher editions. This article explains how to get a copy of msg.exe for Home Edition users.Read more

How to Install Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 and 11

install Windows Sandbox via OptionalFeatures.exe

This article explains how to uninstall and reinstall Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 and 11.

Windows Sandbox provides a lightweight desktop environment to safely run applications in isolation. Software installed inside the Windows Sandbox environment remains “sandboxed” and runs separately from the host machine.Read more

Reset WinHTTP Proxy Settings in Windows 10 or 11

netsh view winhttp proxy

Sometimes, you may have to reset the WinHTTP proxy, firewall or network settings to fix connectivity issues when using Windows Update, Microsoft Store, or other apps. WinHTTP provides the HTTP client APIs, which are used by desktop applications and Windows services.

This article tells you how to disable or reset the WinHTTP and WinINET proxy settings using Netsh.exe and Internet Options, respectively.Read more

How to Set the Default Terminal Application in Windows 11

set default terminal settings

The Windows Terminal becomes the default terminal. This means, all command line applications, such as Command Prompt and PowerShell, will open in Windows Terminal automatically. This article tells you how to change the default terminal to Windows Console Host or revert to Windows Terminal as the default host. Set the default Terminal app in Windows … Read more