How to Reset a Windows 10 App When it Fails to Work?

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (to be released on Aug 2, 2016), includes a feature where you can quickly reset a store App without having to uninstall and reinstall it. Universal Apps store their settings in per-app registry hives and the resetting the App is probably the only way you can clear the settings.

Open Settings (WinKey + i) and search for, and launch Apps & Features.

reset apps windows 10

Select the app which you want to reset, click the Advanced options link, and click Reset.

reset apps windows 10

This clears the settings used by the App, including stored credentials for that App (or service) if it uses one.

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2 thoughts on “How to Reset a Windows 10 App When it Fails to Work?”

  1. Instructions don’t relate to what’s on screen. There is no “Advenced options” link.
    Nor can I simply install the offending app over the existing one, as I can with others’ products.
    It appears despite claims, I will have to uninstall an App, then if I’m very lucky at this rate, install it again.


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