Index of Windows XP Tips

  1. Learn about Firewalls - Windows XP ICF Explained
  2. How to use IEFix utility?
  3. Using ToolbarCop to remove unwanted BHO, Toolbars and menu extensions
  4. WJView error at startup
  5. Virus attachment claims to contain software updates from Microsoft
  6. Internet Explorer Newsgroup FAQs
  7. How to troubleshoot the DELPHI error - CPR.DLL ?
  8. Where do the image files come from? [the background images listing]
  9. Internet Explorer "Advanced" tab is blank
  10. How to customize folder background?
  11. Windows Explorer command-line parameters
  12. How to clear past items from Notification Area?
  13. {deleted)
  14. How to clear items in the open-with listing?
  15. How to restore the "Show Desktop" icon to Quick Launch bar?
  16. Performing a clean install of Windows XP
  17. Remove the Stored User Names and Passwords - .NET Credentials
  18. How to prevent Blaster Worm attack?
  19. {deleted}
  20. Configure Windows XP to Automatically Login
  21. Switch users with Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching disabled
  22. Error Message: "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator"
  23. $Uninstall Folders - Description - Can be deleted safely?
  24. Dial-up connection window pop-ups automatically while working
  25. How to redirect special folders in Windows XP
  26. Guest Account and Internet access in Windows XP
  27. Registry MRU locations
  28. Add a "Print Directory" Feature for Folders in Windows XP
  29. Why does Task Manager, MSCONFIG, or REGEDIT disappear while opening?
  30. Cannot run EXE files [Programs don't open]
  31. Protected Storage - Save Password, AutoComplete issues
  32. Some of the best Windows XP books
  33. Remove invalid entries in Add/Remove Programs
  34. Description of Svchost.exe in Windows XP
  35. How to manage your Startup?
  36. How to remove the OEM link from XP Start Menu?
  37. Edit the Places bar locations in 'Open/Save As' common dialog boxes
  38. How to login as Administrator in Windows XP?
  39. How to backup the Windows XP Registry?
  40. Lock Windows XP workstation with Welcome Screen and FUS enabled
  41. Worm Removal Tools - List
  42. Automate Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter using Task Scheduler in  XP
  43. Free-up the hard disk space
  44. Manage the context-menu entries for folders, drives and Namespace objects
  45. Troubleshooting missing network connection icons
  46. Shutdown process is very slow
  47. The Folders Bar in Windows Explorer Does Not Contain Any Icons
  48. Windows Installer Cleanup Utility - Description
  49. Duplicate Icons in the Desktop - Windows XP
  50. My Pictures and My Music folders displayed with the standard folder icon
  51. Remove the Username and picture from Windows XP New Start Menu
  52. Start Menu - 'All Programs' is empty or nothing happens when you click the menu
  53. Reset the Shell Folders paths to defaults
  54. Administrative Tools folder is empty - Windows XP
  55. Create a duplicate user profile with a different name - Windows XP
  56. Change the Registered Owner and Organization in the registry - Windows XP
  57. Add or remove entries in the New objects list (ShellNew)
  58. Remove or modify the arrow used on shortcuts
  59. Quickly reset all the System Restore points
  60. Restore Accessories and System Tools
  61. Repair/Reset Winsock settings (Links)
  62. Store Windows Updates locally for subsequent installations
  63. XP forgets your folder view settings?
  64. "There was a problem sending the command to the program" while using Search
  65. Print the list of all available System Restore points to a file
  66. Automatically connect to the internet at startup (while logon)
  67. Duplicate context-menu entries when you right-click a shortcut
  68. Clean-up the MSCONFIG startup tab listings
  69. System Restore not creating automatic System Checkpoints on my machine?
  70. Know which process has locked a file - Windows XP/Server 2003
  71. Incorrect or generic Windows icon displayed for HTM and HTML files
  72. Customize the Default User Profile in Windows XP
  73. Description of My eBooks folder and it's removal instructions
  74. Open Save As dialog boxes display text in a foreign language
  75. Error: Setup was unable to load the master information file
  76. Cancel Automatic logon in Windows XP
  77. Search Companion Starts If You Double-Click a Folder or Drive
  78. How to redirect shared folders in Windows XP?
  79. Force user logoff after a period of inactivity - Windows XP/Server 2003
  80. "Web Document" tab is missing when you check the properties of a URL file
  81. How to implement a per-user default mail client in Windows XP?
  82. Set the default email client on a per-user basis - Windows XP (DefaultMail 2.0)
  83. Outlook Express missing from the Internet Options mail clients list
  84. Internet Explorer add-on management in XP Service Pack 2
  85. Send To Mail Recipient option does nothing
  86. "Help and Support" link from Start Menu does not work
  87. What's the suspicious Rundll32.exe process?
  88. Shortcuts in the Startup folders do not run at Windows startup?
  89. Missing XP style Start menu option in the Taskbar properties
  90. "Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted" error logging in
  91. Windows Explorer folder pane is blank - greyed out
  92. File association error message while trying to view profiles from Yahoo Messenger
  93. Send To Desktop (create shortcut) command does nothing
  94. Unable to right-click on the folders or shortcuts in the Start Menu
  95. "Single-click to open an item" in the Folder Options is greyed out
  96. Multiple browser windows open when you click on a mailto: link
  97. Using AnalogX Proxy to share an Internet Connection in a network
  98. "Show windows contents while dragging" option is disabled after a restart
  99. Fix the ugly menu bar after applying a custom theme
  100. Windows Update knowledgebase articles for Windows XP
  101. Problem caused by adding Copy To and Move To as context menu entries
  102. Position the Wallpaper image anywhere in your Desktop
  103. How to change the default startup directory for Command Prompt?
  104. Red X mark appears in the User Accounts applet menu links
  105. Double-clicking Internet Shortcuts launch Print dialog rather than opening the webpage
  106. Dealing with corrupt Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (F.A.S.T) image
  107. Error "Please go to the Control Panel to install and configure system components" when you double-click a drive
  108. Help and Support Center Index is blank with a red X mark
  109. Clicking on mailto links in the browser does nothing
  110. Add/Remove Programs applet displays incorrect icon for an application
  111. List all processes and their Command-line parameters
  112. Removing theme titles from the Themes list box
  113. Using Folder Redirector utility to redirect special folders
  114. Add items to the New menu (aka ShellNew entries)
  115. Right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menu handlers
  116. Add/Remove programs displays the Size and Last Used date incorrectly
  117. "Cannot create Toolbar" error when you enable Quick Launch
  118. Error Message 'msCMTSrvc.exe is attempting to access the internet'
  119. "Play All" feature in the Common Tasks does not work for Video and Audio files
  120. Unable to "open" or "explore" folders only from the Start Menu
  121. Hide all desktop icons except the namespace icons
  122. Share your Internet Favorites with other systems in a Workgroup
  123. Establish a common Links Folder by redirecting the Links folder path
  124. "Device Driver for the Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard" Error When You Try to Enter Standby
  125. Error "Tweak UI has been disabled by your administrator" while launching TweakUI
  126. Set the default browser on a per-user basis in Windows XP
  127. Thumbnail image not generated for Video files in Windows XP?
  128. Make your company logo move around the screen similar to logon.scr
  129. Why don't the Resize Pictures dialog appear while sending picture to e-mail?
  130. Why does Explorer display some files in blue color and some in green?
  131. The top-level menus and tabs in Task Manager are missing?
  132. How to activate a window by moving cursor over it without clicking on it?
  133. How do I backup my files and folders using NTBACKUP in XP?
  134. Error "Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator"
  135. Removing unwanted AutoPlay Handlers in Windows XP
  136. Error "Invalid BackWeb Application ID (######)" at startup - Compaq/HP units
  137. JPG Properties Summary tab is missing or blank - No EXIF information is displayed
  138. Task Manager User Name column is empty
  139. Open-with list is collapsed; No items listed in the open-with menu
  140. Quick Launch settings are not saved; Search Assistant Toolbar in Taskbar
  141. Start Menu Most Frequently Used programs (MFU) list is empty
  142. Incorrect Taskbar group icon assigned for an application
  143. "Error loading C\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\bridge.dll"
  144. How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP?
  145. Unable to logon to Windows XP; logs off the user immediately (logon-logoff loop)
  146. "Show Desktop icons" and other options missing in the Desktop right-click menu ?
  147. Using Task Scheduler to schedule the computer to shut down and restart at a specific time
  148. Security Center alerts at every startup - Windows XP SP2
  149. "Switch to Classic View" option is missing in the Control Panel Common Tasks
  150. Unable to preview JPG GIF and HTM files in Display Properties dialog
  151. Transfer your Help and Support Center favorites to another system
  152. Customize the logon screen wallpaper, screensaver and other settings using Tweak UI
  153. Clear the "Search for files and folders" history in Windows XP
  154. Uninstall and reinstall MS Paint in Windows XP
  155. Enable or disable Common Tasks pane in folders
  156. Clear Recent documents history, Run, Open/Save box MRU and Typed URLs
  157. Multiple instances of "ESENT" in the Event Log - Windows XP SP2
  158. Pop-up Blocker option is missing under the Tools menu in Internet Explorer - Windows XP SP2
  159. Enable or disable the unread mails display in the Welcome Screen
  160. Remove "Help and Support" link from XP Start Menu
  161. How do I add the Windows Update shortcut to the XP Start Menu
  162. Allow active content to run in files on My Computer - Windows XP SP 2
  163. Resize Image files with a right click menu
  164. Hide the Scheduled Tasks and Printers folder in the network share view
  165. Information bar appears while downloading a file - Windows XP SP2
  166. Configuring internet based applications to use the AnalogX Proxy
  167. Error "Automation server can't create object" while changing the User Account picture
  168. "Lock the Taskbar" option is grayed out in Taskbar properties
  169. Web tab missing in the Customize Desktop dialog
  170. Error "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page" in Help and Support Center
  171. Always allow Pop-ups for secure sites (HTTPS) in Windows XP SP2
  172. Error "Administrator has denied permission to use Windows Messenger" while using Remote Assistance
  173. "This add-on is managed by your Administrator" message while managing an add-on in Windows XP SP2
  174. Internet Options dialog opens when you click the Start Menu Internet link
  175. Some applications in Add/Remove Programs list are missing Change and Remove buttons?
  176. Right click causes and error and crashes Explorer.exe after installing Windows XP SP2?
  177. Clicking "Related Topics" and other hyperlinks cause "Cannot display the page" error in Help and Support Center
  178. Clear the Help and Support Center session History
  179. Track file and registry changes made by an application installation
  180. How to configure auditing of Windows registry keys in XP Professional ?
  181. Unable to remove the Thumbnail image for system folders in Windows XP?
  182. Incorrect or generic folder icon assigned to the Recycle Bin
  183. Copy To and Move To dialog boxes list box is grayed out
  184. Reset the Add-on usage statistics in Internet Explorer - Windows XP SP2
  185. Folders name with random characters appear after installing a Service Pack or hotfix?
  186. Relocate the "Temporary Internet Files" folder to a different drive
  187. Customize a folder icon in Windows XP
  188. Windows XP SP2 Localmachine Lockdown and locally accessed webpages
  189. Information bar appears when you open PDF files locally in Internet Explorer (Windows XP SP2)?
  190. Tips for using AVG 7.0
  191. Clicking "Add/Remove Windows Components" causes an error and does not launch the program
  192. Unable to resize Internet Explorer window by using javascript: code in the Homepage section, after applying SP2?
  193. How to export Internet Explorer Pop-up blocker settings and apply to other systems?
  194. Skip the file association Web service dialog while opening a unknown file type
  195. 16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem error while installing or running a DOS application
  196. How to search for text within a PDF document using Windows XP?
  197. Incorrect or generic Windows icon displayed for a Drive in My Computer
  198. Taskbar Toolbar options are grayed out?
  199. Icons get corrupted after using Tweak UI "Rebuild Icons" function
  200. User Accounts applet background is in White even with XP Theme enabled
  201. Download anti-spyware reference files locally and apply to other computers
  202. How to restore the missing mouse pointer cursor files?
  203. Change the default image editor application, invoked from Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
  204. Security Warning appears when you try to navigate to a Trusted site from a webpage
  205. Nothing happens when you click "Add a network place" menu in the Common Tasks pane
  206. Generic icon is displayed for a picture file when in Thumbnail view
  207. Custom Level and Default Level buttons in Internet Options Security tab are grayed out
  208. Disable "Send pictures via E-mail" wizard while using "E-mail this file link" in Common Tasks pane
  209. Prevent Outlook Express shortcut from being created for new user profiles
  210. ToolTips do not display complete information about files that are located on a network share
  211. How to block Flash animation in websites?
  212. "Turn Off Computer" option is missing from Start Menu?
  213. Add the "Folder Size" column in Detailed view of a folder
  214. Turn off Information bar sounds for blocked pop-ups and ActiveX
  215. Backup your Zone Alarm security settings to a file
  216. Prevent a Browser Helper Object (BHO) from loading with Explorer.exe instances
  217. Transparent drop-down Menu and disappearing menu text
  218. "Rotate" options are grayed out when you right-click an image file
  219. Prevent the Program count from being displayed in the Welcome Screen
  220. No pictures are listed when you click the "Order prints online" wizard
  221. Customize tab is missing in Folder Properties
  222. Display Properties Desktop background tab lists only BMP files
  223. Restore the Windows XP native Zip file integration
  224. Change Wallpaper at specified intervals using Wallpaper Changer Powertoy
  225. Troubleshooting problems opening PDF files in Internet Explorer window
  226. The Sort Order for Files and Folders Whose Names Contain Numerals Is Different in XP Than It Is in Windows 2000
  227. Change the default icon shown for JPG files

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