Index of Windows XP Tips - Page 2

  1. Terminate your dial-up / PPPoE connection at a specified time using Task Scheduler
  2. Show or hide the "My recent documents" from XP Start menu
  3. Description of the Low Disk Space Notification in Windows XP
  4. Long delay before files appear in My Computer in Windows XP
  5. How To Change the Windows Logon Screen Saver in Windows XP
  6. Antivirus Partners Currently Supporting Windows Security Center
  7. Error message "A recently installed program has disabled the Welcome screen and Fast User Switching"
  8. Change the Windows Logon screen background color
  9. How to remove the stored password for a Network Place?
  10. Hide "My Network Places" from Windows Explorer view
  11. How to remove an invalid icon in the Control Panel?

  12. Organize Favorites dialog in Internet Explorer displays a "Red X" mark

  13. Message: "The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator"

  14. Remove the Security Center alert from the Systray / Notification area
  15. Disable AutoComplete in Open/Save As dialog boxes
  16. Manage browser add-ons using "Add-on Configurator for Windows XP SP2"

  17. Clicking the "Open With" or "Choose Program..." option always opens the file with Notepad?
  18. Recover lost or deleted files from the hard disk using PC Inspector

  19. "Allow users to remotely connect to this computer" Remote Desktop option is grayed out

  20. Repair image file type associations in Windows XP
  1. Unable to move My Documents folder target in Windows XP?
  2. Open file - Security Warning appears when you run a file from network share

  3. Missing Comdlg32.ocx error while running an application?
  4. "Help and Support Error" - Service not started
  5. Installing and uninstalling NetBEUI protocol in Windows XP
  6. Restore missing Time Zones in Windows XP

  7. How to disable the Windows XP Splash Screen / logo at startup ?
  8. Restore missing icons to the Windows Security Center in Windows XP Service Pack 2
  9. Internet Explorer "Manage Add-ons" dialog does not retain your column preferences?
  10. Start Menu RUN history (RunMRU) is cleared on every restart ?
  11. "Remote" tab missing in My Computer properties

  12. Reinstalling Help and Support Center in Windows XP

  13. How to jump to a registry key directly ?
  14. inst.PathName error while viewing the list of running Services

  15. How to print Windows XP Search results to a file ?
  16. Set the start directory for Windows Media Player
  17. Boot.ini tab is missing in MSCONFIG ?
  18. mailto: link does not work with Hotmail as the default mail client ?

  19. Clicking the Windows Update link in Help and Support Center causes error 'undefined'
  20. Shortcuts in the "Send To" folder not appearing in the menu?
  21. Troubleshooting problems with Help and Support Center

  22. Backup hard disk partitions using Image for Windows
  23. "Action Cancelled" error while opening Device Manager
  24. Unable to open .PPS attachments directly from Outlook Express? Windows XP SP2

  25. TweakUI for Windows XP - Tips Index
  26. TweakUI for Windows XP - Download URLs
  27. Right-click is extremely slow only when Network is enabled

  28. User Accounts applet is completely blank
  29. "System Restore Settings" link does not work
  30. System Restore Group Policy restrictions
  31. Ripping CDs using Windows Media Player 10
  32. RunMRU listing - Sources
  33. Automatic Updates options are grayed out?
  34. Print "Manage Add-ons" listings to a file
  35. "Manage" is missing under My Computer context-menu?
  36. How to uninstall a hotfix or Service Pack via the Recovery Console?
  37. Hide the removable drives from the Send To menu
  38. Restore Preview as the default action for image files
  39. Automatic Update prompting to download KB890859 again and again?
  40. Uncheck "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" option by default, for certain file extensions
  41. Alter the "LastAccess" value for cleaning the Temporary files using Disk Cleanup utility
  42. How to restore the original Guest account picture?
  43. "Hide inactive icons" is greyed out in Taskbar Properties
  44. "Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings" error accessing Firewall settings - SP2
  45. Clear the Temporary Internet Files using the Windows XP Disk Cleanup utility
  46. Windows XP defaults to Safe Mode at every startup
  47. "Error 1079" when you start the Remote Registry service
  48. Error "Activate Windows cannot run because local scripting has been disabled"
  49. Hyperlinks in Microsoft Office applications always launches Internet Explorer?
  50. Error "Cannot locate merged.hhk" when clicking the Help and Support Center Index
  51. Not prompted to save .csv file after download
  52. The option "Empty Temporary Internet Files folders when browser is closed" does not work ?
  53. Enable .OGG file playback support for Windows Media Player
  54. Change IE Proxy settings quickly
  55. Move the Task Scheduler Log file to a different folder
  56. How to Get Windows XP Home Edition / Windows XP Professional (
  57. Retail Pricing for Windows XP Professional - Windows XP Home Edition (
  58. Outlook Express starts with a blank screen
  59. Windows XP SP2 specific articles
  60. Notification area icons are missing at startup
  61. Disable the filtering option in Add/Remove Programs
  62. services.exe - Process information
  63. How to enable the NUM LOCK key for the logon screen
  64. Error "'xmldoc.documentElement' is null or not an object " in most of the Help and Support pages
  65. Repairing and re-registering the WMI
  66. Open With sub-menu which contains the drop-down list of programs, is missing for all the file types?
  67. Organize your Start Menu using Tidy Start Menu utility
  68. MSN Messenger Message History displays in XML format?
  69. ToolTips do not display complete information about files that are located on a network share
  70. Wallpaper setting does not apply correctly when you create a custom default user profile ?
  71. Customize the details shown in the "Details" portion of the Web view
  72. Windows Media Player 10 entry is missing in Add/Remove Programs, after running a registry cleaner
  73. How to add an AutoPlay Handler for an Event ?
  74. How to add "Pin to Start menu" option for folders?
  75. Resolve the Help and Support Service startup failures
  76. AutoPlay does not work?
  77. Information bar appears while opening the My Pictures folder
  78. Search companion opens when you double-click a Compressed (zipped) folder in Windows XP
  79. Device Manager Snap-in fails to initialize
  80. How to show drive letters first in My Computer?
  81. How to undo "Make this folder private" option ?
  82. How to reinstall Netmeeting in Windows XP?
  83. How to rename or move a User Profile folder ?
  84. FileExtInfo - View the association settings for a file type easily
  85. Open each folder in the same window
  86. Error: Could not start the DHCP Client Service on local computer
  87. Mini Player toolbar buttons are greyed out in Windows Media Player ?
  88. Log the available amount of free disk space to a file on a daily basis
  89. Pop-up Blocker Settings requires you to add the URL Prefix everytime ?
  90. .EXE files always open with Notepad or any other application ?
  91. Unable to hide the "Network Connections" icon using the "Hide specified Control Panel applets" Policy ?
  92. The options "Copy all items to CD" and "Copy to CD" are missing in the Common Tasks pane ?
  93. "Edit" and "Remove" buttons are grayed out for the File Folder entry in the File Types dialog box ?
  94. Modifying the behavior of "internet" key in Internet keyboards
  95. Access is denied when opening the Shared Documents folder ?
  96. Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'Scripting.Dictionary'
  97. Unable to start the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service?
  98. Error 1606: Could not access network location
  99. Removing the invalid entries from Boot.ini