Problem caused by adding Copy To and Move To as context menu entries


When I select two or more files in Windows Explorer to open in Notepad or any other program, for every selected file - before opening it in the proper application - I first get a dialog asking me where to move the item. Canceling this dialog brings up the next asking where to copy the file. Canceling this dialog leads to opening of the file and bringing up the next files "move-dialog"! Pretty irritating!

The Copy to and Move to Folder options weren't designed to be on the context menu. For a complete explanation and reason why Copy To and Move To tweaks are not included in the Tweak UI PowerToy, see this blog entry by Raymond Chen of Microsoft.

Problem is resolved once these context entries are removed. The entry might be present here:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ AllFilesystemObjects \ shellex \ ContextMenuHandlers

NOTE: Before you edit the registry, make a backup. See here for more information.

Delete these two items:


You can also disable the context menu entries using the ShellExView utility.

Microsoft CopyTo Service

Microsoft MoveTo Service

Editor's note: So far as I tested, this problem does not occur in Windows Vista. See Add Copy To and Move To to the right-click menu in Vista - The Winhelponline Blog


However if you're certainly in need of Copy To/Move To menus in the context menu, you can try the workaround posted in the Web site. It says:

Instead of applying the tweak at the key above, do exactly the same at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers. This will make it work properly.

For more details, read article Other UI parts/Rightclick options in Web site. (Thanks to ficod for sending this tip via mail.)