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Error: Setup was unable to load the master information file

Published: May 2004
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When you click the "Add/Remove Windows Components" button in the Add/Remove Programs applet, the following error message is displayed:

Setup was unable to load the master information file

When you press OK, the following error is seen:

The application could not be initialized

This error occurs if the file sysoc.inf is missing in the C:\Windows\Inf folder. Extracting a new copy of this file from XP CD-ROM should help. You may use MSCONFIG to extract the file.


Extracting Sysoc.inf file from Windows XP CD-ROM

  • Insert the Windows XP CD in the drive.

  • Click Start/Run and type CMD

  • In the Command Prompt, type this line:

expand X:\i386\sysoc.in_ -r c:\windows\inf

Where X:\ is your CD-ROM drive letter. The above command assumes Windows is installed in C:\ drive. If not, change the drive letter / Path accordingly.

Example: expand H:\i386\sysoc.in_ -r g:\windows\inf


How to expand Windows XP files from the installation disk