Unable to resize Internet Explorer window by using javascript: code in the Homepage section, after upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2 ?


In pre-Windows XP SP2, the code below works correctly. After upgrading to XP Service Pack 2, using this code in the Homepage section causes Internet Explorer to abruptly close upon startup.


Here is a workaround - courtesy of Tony Talmage

Create a local HTML file with the Window resizer code, such as the one below:

<!-- saved from url=(0025) -->
    <script language="Javascript">
        resizeTo(800,600);         moveTo((window.width-800)/2,(window.height-600)/2);         document.location.href = '';     </script> </head>
<body> </body></html>

Save the file locally (say "C:\home.html"). Now, set "C:\home.html" as the Homepage in Internet Options. As the file home.html has the "Mark of the web" (first-line), you can now bypass the lockdown restrictions in Windows XP SP2, thus the Javascript can execute fine.

More information on the Mark of the web option: