Add or remove entries in the New objects list (ShellNew)

Published: June 2004
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When a user opens the File menu in Windows Explorer, the first command is New. Selecting this command displays a submenu, which lists some entries. This article tells you how to add or remove entries in the to the New menu.

Removing unwanted ShellNew entries using TweakUI

Download TweakUI and install it. Start TweakUI and click the Templates open in the left side. Select the appropriate checkbox in the right side and disable/delete it.

Removing unwanted ShellNew entries manually

  1. First determine the file extension for that entry. You may create a new document and check it's properties for the file extension.
  2. Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
  3. Locate the following registry key:


(where .xyz is the file type)

  1. Backup the ShellNew key by exporting it to a file.
  2. Delete the ShellNew key

Adding a ShellNew entry using TweakUI

To add a New type in the drop-down, create a sample document (which acts as a template) and save to Desktop. Click Create button available under the Templates section in TweakUI and point to the sample document, and choose Open. The sample document will be copied to the %allusersprofile%\Templates folder, and this will be used as the template whenever the item is chosen under the New menu.

For example, to create a New entry for HTM document, create a sample HTM document and add your content in it. Save it to Desktop. Then use TweakUI to create a new ShellNew entry.

For adding entries manually to the New menu, see the following articles: