Duplicate context-menu entries when you right-click a shortcut

Published: June 2004
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When you right-click a shortcut, each of the context-menu entries may be listed twice. Example, 2 sets of  'Scan for Viruses', 'WinZip' entries and so forth. {See left}

This happens if the IsShortcut registry value is deleted for the specified file type (shortcut), as an attempt to remove the "arrow" in the shortcut icons. To fix the duplicate context-menu issue, re-create the IsShortcut value.

The correct method (harmless) of removing the Shortcut arrows is by overriding the Shell Icons - 29. See article Remove or modify the arrow used on shortcuts


The above is for .LNK files (Shortcuts). For others, please create the IsShortcut entries as follows:

For PIF files:


For URL files: (Internet Shortcuts)