'msCMTSrvc.exe is attempting to access the internet'


Your firewall application may prompt that “msCMTSrvc.exe is attempting to access the internet” when the computer is connected to the Internet. msCMTSrvc.exe is an application that gets bundled with a particular series of the Compaq Presario systems. msCMTSrvc is called the Content Monitoring Tool Service (CMTS). The Compaq Offer Zone, displayed on the desktop as the Hot Deals icon, uses the CMTS to update the computer when new merchandise is available for purchase by the user.

Suggested Action

Allow this program access the Internet (if you want this particular feature) and configure your firewalls accordingly. Or, disable the application/service using Services.msc if you no longer plan to use this feature of Compaq / HP systems.

To stop the msCMTSrvc service, use these steps: