Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

The Windows Installer Clean Up Utility is designed to allow you to safely remove Windows Installer settings from your computer in the event of a problem. Windows Installer may become damaged if:

msi7.JPG (53915 bytes)Windows Installer Clean Up Utility will remove all Windows Installer information associated with the selected programs, including the entries for the programs in the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Note that the Installer information for that particular program is alone removed, not their files. If you remove the settings for a program that is currently installed on your computer, the program will no longer be able to add or remove components or to repair itself; to prevent problems, it is recommended that you reinstall your programs before you use them.

When you install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, three files are copied to the "C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up" folder, namely msicuu.exe, msizap.exe and readme.txt.

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility