Tweak UI for Windows XP - Tips

Here is a list of articles in this site that references TweakUI for various user interface customizations.

Tweak UI Version 2.10 requires Windows XP Service Pack 1 or above / Windows Server 2003. If you have a Windows XP system without any Service Packs installed, download Version 2.00.

  1. TweakUI download locations

  2. Icons get corrupted after using Tweak UI "Rebuild Icons" function

  3. Error message "Tweak UI has been disabled by your administrator"

  4. How To Change the Windows Logon Screen Saver in Windows XP

  5. The Sort Order for Files and Folders different in Windows XP Than It Is in Windows 2000

  6. Start Menu RUN history (RunMRU) is cleared on every restart ?

  7. Remove or modify the arrow used on shortcuts

  8. Customize the logon wallpaper, screensaver and other settings

  9. How to redirect Special folders in Windows XP

  10. Make your company logo move around the screen similar to logon.scr

  11. Edit the Places bar locations in Open/Save As boxes

  12. Add or remove entries in the New objects list (ShellNew)

  13. Add items to the New menu (aka ShellNew entries)

  14. Configure Windows XP to Automatically Login

  15. Cancel Automatic logon in Windows XP

  16. Error "not a valid Win32 application" when installing TweakUI

  17. How do I show or hide an user account in the Welcome Screen?

  18. How to hide the "Files stored on this computer" from My Computer window?

  19. Recent Documents list is cleared on each reboot?

  20. How do I alter the default size and quality of thumbnail images?

  21. How to activate a window by moving cursor over it without clicking on it?

  22. Enable or disable the unread mails display in the Welcome Screen

  23. How to add an AutoPlay Handler for an Event?

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