Add/Remove programs displays the Size and Last Used date incorrectly

Published: July 10, 2004
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When you open Add/Remove Programs applet and click on an application entry, one or more of the following values may be incorrect (vast difference than the actual)

Size, Used,  Last Used On

In my case, Add/Remove Programs showed this:

Whereas Nero (and it's sub-folders) occupied 20MB and the "Last Used On" does not match the actuals at all. I use Nero most often (atleast twice in a week). Another Add/Remove entry (my personal accounting software) showed it occupied 1,885.00 MB (But in actual, the total space occupied by that software was 1.47 MB)

There is no solution for these issues, because of the method used by Add/Remove Programs to retrieve those additional data.Yet another great blog entry here: How does Add/Remove Programs get the size and other information?