List all processes and their Command-line parameters

Created: July 2004
Updated: Feb 2006
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List all processes using the WMI command-line utility

Using WMIC, it is possible to list out all the running processes and their parameters.

This article applies to Windows XP Professional only. Windows XP Home Edition does not have the WMIC (WMI command-line tool). Alternately, you can use the excellent Process Explorer utility to view and manage Windows processes.

The following command-line outputs the list of running processes (with the complete command-line arguments used for each process) to a text file:

Click Start, Run and type CMD

Type the command given below exactly:

WMIC /OUTPUT:C:\ProcessList.txt PROCESS get Caption,Commandline,Processid


WMIC /OUTPUT:C:\ProcessList.txt path win32_process get Caption,Processid,Commandline

Now, open the file C:\ProcessList.txt. You can see the details of all the processes in that file.

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