XP forgets your folder view settings?

Published: June 27, 2004
Updated : July 21, 2005

Includes information from Q813711

Sometimes you'll customize a folder (view, position, or the folder's display options) and upon restarting the changes haven't been saved. Or, the settings work for few days and then XP forgets it?

This is due to that fact that Windows XP remembers the settings for 400 folders, by default. As and when you customize more folders (and sub-folders), the 400 mark is reached easily and the old settings are lost, just like a System Restore point. Microsoft has introduced a tweak (through Tweak UI Powertoy), using which the 400 limit can be bypassed. Though Tweak UI is a great tool, this particular function of Tweak UI does not work as it alters a different registry value. Windows XP allows a maximum of 8000 (default being 400). To prevent Windows XP forgetting the folder folder customization, increase the limit to 5000 or till 8000, with no performance issues. From what I've heard, the developers tested it with 10000 and for some reason made 8000 as the highest limit.

Set the BagMRU Size to 5000 (or upto 8000) in the following registry keys:



NOTE: Always backup the registry before editing it.

Click "Decimal" and type the BagMRU Size value (5000)

Windows XP SP2 increases the Bag value to 5000

For more information, please see MS Knowledgebase article Q813711
Your view settings or customizations for a folder are lost or incorrect


Open a folder. Click Tools, Folder Options, View and click "Reset All Folders". (This resets all the folder view settings, custom thumbnail image assigned for a folder etc. Desktop.ini file is not affected). Close the folder. Open and customize the folder again. Click View, Apply to All Folders.