Disabling "Send pictures via E-mail" wizard when using "E-mail this file" link in the Common Tasks pane

Published: Oct 23, 2004
Updated : Aug 30, 2007
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Send pictures via E-mail and the resize dialog

From the pictures folder, if you select an image file and click E-mail this file link in the Common Tasks pane, the Send Pictures via E-mail dialog appears. If you wish to disable the dialog and to directly open the email client with the image attachment, you may use the instructions provided in this article.

To disable the resize dialog for a particular image file type

Note: There may be some minor side effects of using this method, as the PerceivedType string is another important file class information. PerceivedType string helps Windows determine the actual Type (image, video, audio or whatever) for a file. In case you experience image preview issues or any other problems after following the method in this article, you can revert the setting by changing the PerceivedType to image. Alternately, type REGSVR32 SHIMGVW.DLL in Start, Run dialog to regain the functionality. With that said, this tip is for Intermediate - Advanced users.

Example: To disable the resize dialog for .JPG file type, use these steps:


Similarly make changes for the other image file-types if necessary. Resize dialog does not appear and the default E-mail client opens directly with the image attachment.

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