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Troubleshooting Error messages in Windows XP

  1. Error Message: "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator"
  2. "Device Driver for the Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard" Error When You Try to Enter Standby
  3. Error "Tweak UI has been disabled by your administrator" while launching TweakUI
  4. "There was a problem sending the command to the program" while using Search
  5. Error "Automation server can't create object" while changing the User Account picture
  6. Error "Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator"
  7. Error: Setup was unable to load the master information file
  8. File association error message while trying to view profiles from Yahoo Messenger
  9. "Error loading C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\bridge.dll"
  10. Error "Invalid BackWeb Application ID (######)" at startup - Compaq/HP units
  11. Error "Please go to the Control Panel to install and configure system components" when you double-click a drive
  12. Error "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page" in Help and Support Center
  13. Error "Administrator has denied permission to use Windows Messenger" while using Remote Assistance
  14. "This add-on is managed by your Administrator" message while managing an add-on in Windows XP SP2
  15. Clicking "Related Topics" and other hyperlinks cause "Cannot display the page" error in Help and Support Center
  16. Message: "The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator"
  17. "Help and Support Error" - Service not started
  18. inst.PathName error while viewing the list of running Services
  19. Clicking the Windows Update link in Help and Support Center causes error 'undefined'
  20. "Action Cancelled" error while opening Device Manager
  21. "Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings" error accessing Firewall settings - SP2
  22. "Error 1079" when you start the Remote Registry service
  23. Error "Activate Windows cannot run because local scripting has been disabled"
  24. Device Manager Snap-in fails to initialize
  25. Error: Could not start the DHCP Client Service on local computer
  26. Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'Scripting.Dictionary'
  27. Unable to start the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service?
  28. Error 1606: Could not access network location
  29. "Setup library ocmsn.dll could not be loaded" occurs while opening Add/Remove Windows Components
  30. Error 1324: The folder path 'My Pictures' contains an invalid character during the installation of a software?
  31. Error "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment" opening User Accounts applet
  32. Error "Action could not be completed" when you attempt to search for a computer on the network
  33. Error "The network connection settings have become corrupted" when you configure Windows Firewall in Windows XP SP2
  34. Error 1068 "The dependency service or group failed to start" when starting the Spooler Service
  35. Error 800A01AD when trying to run a VBScript
  36. Error "Automation server can't create object" while viewing the system information in Help and Support Center
  37. Error "An ActiveX control on this page is not safe" occurs while attempting to run a troubleshooter in Help and Support Center
  38. Error "Setup library comsetup.dll could not be loaded" while opening Add/Remove Windows Components
  39. Windows Update page says "Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site
  40. Error "Access is Denied " while selecting "Manage" from the My Computer context menu
  41. "Browse for more pictures" link in the User Accounts applet does not work?
  42. An error occurs while trying to enable Automatic Updates using the Windows Security Center applet
  43. Performance Logs and Alerts Snap-in fails to initialize
  44. Event Properties page does not open when you double-click an Event log entry
  45. How to fix Disk Defragmenter problems in Windows XP
  46. Error message when trying to access Add or Remove Programs
  47. Error message when starting the Server service in Windows XP