Published: Sep 24, 2004
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Set the default browser for your user profile

DefaultBrowser allows you set the default web browser for your user profile in Windows XP, without affecting the other users. The list of browsers you see in the Presets are tested and working flawlessly as user defaults. Note that the user interface in Windows XP does not provide an option for setting the default browser for each user.

This utility is designed for Windows® XP systems only.

Version History

v1.8 - (Mar 06, 2009) - Added support for Apple Safari
v1.7 - (May 14, 2008) - Added support for Firefox Portable Edition
v1.6 - (July 13, 2007) - Added support for Opera
v1.5 - (Sep 18, 2006) - Added support for Avant Browser
v1.4 - (Dec 01, 2005) - [Fix] Two Firefox windows opens when launching a URL
v1.3 - (Aug 23, 2005) - Added support for Deepnet Explorer and Maxthon
v1.2 - (Feb 18, 2005) - Maintenance release.
v1.1 - (Sep 24, 2004) - Added support for Mozilla Firefox.


Apart from the Presets list, there is an option at the bottom which allows you choose the Web Browser program file and set it as the default. You may use this section if your favorite browser is not listed under Presets. As you read in the dialog, this method does not work with all the browsers. If the results are not satisfactory using this method, you can undo the configuration by clicking the Reset button.

Here is the list of Web browsers that I've tested (and working) for the per-user feasibility, and their versions:

Browser Version Website
Avant Browser 10.2 Build 52
Deepnet Explorer 1.5
Maxthon 1.3.3 Build 50
SlimBrowser 3.99 Build 004
CrazyBrowser 1.0.5
GreenBrowser 2.2 Build 0702
Internet Explorer 6.x & 7.x
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition
Opera 9.21
Apple Safari 4 Public Beta


You can download DefaultBrowser from here.


How to undo the changes made by this utility?

To undo the changes made by this utility, click the Reset button once. The user default settings are removed and your profile uses the default browser which is defined globally.

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