Lock Windows XP workstation with Welcome Screen and FUS enabled

When you press Winkey+L key combination, you will see the Welcome Screen [if you have Welcome Screen enabled in Control Panel, User Accounts]. When Welcome Screen is disabled, Windows XP automatically locks the workstation [like in Windows 2000] and you see the Unlock Workstation dialog.

Some people prefer Locking the Workstation temporarily to avoid anyone logging in to the system in another user account [in the mean-while when you go out for a smoke or for a coffee]. If you wish to lock the workstation temporarily, with Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching enabled, you may use the LockXP utility.

Download LockXP from here and run it. As soon as you double-click the file, it locks (Classic Lock as seen in Windows 2000) the workstation irrespective of Welcome Screen/Fast User Switching status. This is very handy if you want to temporarily lock the workstation, without entirely disabling the Fast User Switching feature. It works only with administrator-level user account.

Command-line parameters supported




Locks XP Workstation and the program remains


Locks XP Workstation and the program quits