Automatically connect to the internet at startup (while logon)

Published: June 2004
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Rasdial utility

If you're using a RAS / PPPOE connection for Internet, and wish to automatically connect to your ISP at startup, you may use Rasdial utility, built-in with Windows XP.

Usage: Open a Command Prompt window and type:

Rasdial <connectoid> "username" "password"

This would initiate a dial-up/PPPoE connection to your ISP. You can create a batch file with the above parameters and place it in your Startup folder, so that XP dials to your ISP automatically at every startup. If you don't prefer to enter the password in the batch file, use the following command-line (XP will prompt you for a password - secure)

Rasdial <connectoid> "username" *

NOTE: Type Rasdial.exe /? in the Command Prompt to learn more about this command, it's other parameters.

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