No pictures are listed when you click the "Order prints online" wizard

Published: Nov 06, 2004
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When you click Order prints online wizard from your Pictures folder, the picture selection box displays 0 pictures although there are some picture files in that folder. This happens due to missing or incorrect registry value, related to Content Type setting.


To resolve the problem, follow the steps below:

Click Start, Run and type this command:


If that does not help, open Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


Double-click ContentTypeFilter value and set it's data to image/*

If that does not help, this is probably caused by incorrect Content Type and/or incorrect file association settings. Fix the file association for the particular image type. Download this utility and run it put a checkmark near the file type (example., JPG) and click Repair associations. For more information, see this page Repair image file associations in XP

To list only JPG files in the wizard, change the ContentTypeFilter value to image/jpg. To list only BMP files, change it to image/bmp