How to troubleshoot the "Delphi Error"

These errors are caused by a adware DLL which was compiled with a trial version of Delphi. This DLL attaches with Internet Explorer as a Browser Helper Object [BHO] and causes Internet Explorer process to terminate as soon as IE  is launched.

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Manual Removal:

 1. Start Windows in Safe Mode and access Add/Remove Programs applet from Control Panel
 2. Uninstall CPR
 3. Locate the file named CPR.DLL in the system and Delete it.
 4. Restart Windows

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to uninstall CPR, rollback the system date or change to year 2002 *temporarily*. Complete the uninstall process and restore the original Date/Year.

(Or) Use the REG script here: After applying the REG, delete the CPR.DLL file.

Workaround: Disable Third-party browser extensions in Internet Explorer.

NOTE:  Download Ad-Aware from and update it to the current definitions using "Web Update" feature.


This module was compiled with a trial version of Delphi. The trial period has expired.:,1410,31856,00.html

Symantec Security Response - Adware.AdRoar

Symantec Security Response - Adware Listings:

Download HOSTS file from Mike Burgess' site: