JPG Properties Summary tab is missing or blank - No EXIF information is displayed

When you right-click a JPG file and choose Properties, the Advanced options in the Summary tab may be blank, and no EXIF information of the digital image is shown. The first thing to verify is to copy the image to another computer to check if the EXIF information was written to the file by the digital camera. If the EXIF information is shown correctly in another computer, and not in your computer, the problem is due to a registry setting. Sometimes, the Summary tab itself may be unavailable.

Most digital cameras store additional information such as the date and time the image was taken, aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, and most other camera settings. These data, also known as "metadata" are stored in a "header". A common type of header is the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) header. More Information.

exif.JPG (25798 bytes)


Click Start, Run and type this command:


More Information

This fixes the PropertyHandler value at:


The value for (default) should be {eb9b1153-3b57-4e68-959a-a3266bc3d7fe}

Incorrect or missing PerceivedType registry data for .JPG may also cause this.


In the right-pane, the REG_SZ value PerceivedType must be set to image

Registering the Shimgvw.dll fixes both these keys. Installation of a third-party image-editing program may have caused this.