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Index of Windows XP Tips - Page 3

  1. How to open folder in single pane when using the "Winkey + E" combination?
  2. Windows Picture and Fax Viewer lists every picture from the visited web sites?
  3. How to associate an image file with IrfanView, using command-line in Windows XP?
  4. Unable to open fax messages present in the "Sent Items" folder?
  5. How to edit the registry offline using BartPE boot CD ?
  6. Error "Setup library ocmsn.dll could not be loaded" occurs while opening Add/Remove Windows Components
  7. The KB906569 update adds the Tools tab to the System Configuration utility in Windows XP Service Pack 2
  8. Drag and drop over Batch files doesn't work ?
  9. AnalogX CookieWall - Review
  10. Duplicate profile folders exist under the "Documents and Settings" folder?
  11. Prevent Windows XP from searching inside ZIP and CAB files, without breaking Windows XP's native ZIP / CAB support
  12. Registering a program with the "Open With" dialog
  13. View the list of active network connections in your computer
  14. The "C:\Program Files\Symantec" folder opens automatically during logon
  15. Incorrect Thumbnail preview is displayed for image files?
  16. Error 1324: The folder path 'My Pictures' contains an invalid character during the installation of a software?
  17. Enable the "Confirm Open after Download" option for all Office file-types
  18. ActiveX controls may not load as expected in Internet Explorer due to defense in depth changes introduced in cumulative security update 896688
  19. How to reinstall System Restore in Windows XP?
  20. Error "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment" opening User Accounts applet
  21. Wallpaper changes made in the current user account is reflected in the other user profiles also?
  22. Restore missing User account pictures and the default Wallpapers
  23. Reset the Windows Firewall Policy settings to defaults
  24. Enumerate the list of installed Hotfixes using WMI
  25. Changing the Windows Explorer folder hierarchy order setting
  26. Dell folder opens when logging on to Windows?
  27. How to relocate the Offline Files folder in Windows 2000/XP ?
  28. How to automatically delete folders that are n days old?
  29. How to remove "ATI Catalyst" entry from the right-click menu?
  30. Generic icons displayed for items in the Desktop and Start Menu, after uninstalling the "World of Warcraft" theme ?
  31. Windows XP - Default services configuration (Microsoft site)
  32. How to schedule an application to launch at a specified time, but only if the application is not already running?
  33. Error "The specified module could not be found" while using the User Accounts applet
  34. "Error 1083" while attempting to start the Security Center service in Windows XP SP2
  35. How to automatically create a System Restore point upon the first boot up of the day?
  36. ShellIconFix - Utility to repair the shell object icons in Windows XP
  37. Unable to resize or move the Web content in the Desktop?
  38. System Information tool (MSINFO32) displays the list of all the system files when you click the "Startup Programs" section ?
  39. Windows Media Player Playlist no longer works after moving the audio files to a different partition?
  40. Drive letter missing in System Restore settings page?
  41. [SetScrTimeout.exe] Command-line tool to set the Screensaver timeout
  42. System Restore opens to a blank window?
  43. The entry "Managing pairs of Web pages and folders" is missing in Folder Options (View tab) ?
  44. The default printer in the host computer changes when you logon using Remote Desktop?
  45. Determine when the operating system was installed on a computer
  46. Error "Action could not be completed" when you attempt to search for a computer on the network
  47. Error "not a valid Win32 application" when installing TweakUI
  48. The following articles are posted in Winhelponline (links opens in new Window)

  49. How to add an extra context menu option for shortcuts, which explores the Quick Launch folder?
  50. Restore missing "Compressed (zipped) Folder" option to the Send To menu
  51. Error 1068 "The dependency service or group failed to start" when starting the Spooler Service
  52. Error "The network connection settings have become corrupted" when you configure Windows Firewall in Windows XP SP2
  53. How to add the "Creation Date" category to the image file InfoTip text?
  54. Customizing the SSText3D screensaver before applying it to the Logon desktop
  55. Determining the "Last Write Time" of a registry key?
  56. Unable to rotate images in thumbnail or filmstrip view
  57. How to hide an entry in the Add/Remove Programs applet?
  58. Error 800A01AD when trying to run a VBScript
  59. Start Menu pops up at every logon, and the Most Frequently Used programs list is reset every time
  60. Error "Automation server can't create object" while viewing the system information in Help and Support Center
  61. Error "An ActiveX control on this page is not safe" occurs while attempting to run a troubleshooter in Help and Support Center
  62. How to clear the clipboard contents quickly?
  63. How to clear the Map Network Drive MRU?
  64. How to restore the missing "Security Center" service in Windows XP SP2?
  65. Error "Setup library comsetup.dll could not be loaded" while opening Add/Remove Windows Components
  66. Windows Update page says "Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site."
  67. "Shared Documents" folder renamed to "Documents"?
  68. Restore missing tabs to the Display properties dialog
  69. .ANI and .CUR files displayed with generic icons after uninstalling a third-party graphics viewer?
  70. How to determine the number of PCI slots available in each system connected to a network?
  71. Add "Screen saver" type into the Search Companion file types listing
  72. How to launch Search Companion with the "Look in" option pointing to a specific folder or drive?
  73. How to Remove Entries from the Remote Desktop Connection Computer Box
  74. Error "Access is Denied " while selecting "Manage" from the My Computer context menu
  75. "Browse for more pictures" link in the User Accounts applet does not work?
  76. An error occurs while trying to enable Automatic Updates using the Windows Security Center applet
  77. My Documents folder may open when you try to launch the Disk Cleanup tool
  78. Why is the Task Manager "Users" tab empty?
  79. Script to clear the Security event log after backing it up
  80. How to remove "My Sharing Folders" from My Computer?
  81. The digits in Windows Explorer file size column are not grouped
  82. Disk Cleanup shows incorrect description and button text for Downloaded Program Files, after installing IE7 Beta
  83. Performance Logs and Alerts Snap-in fails to initialize
  84. How to redirect the Remote Desktop Cache Files location?
  85. Event Properties page does not open when you double-click an Event log entry
  86. Fixing the .BAT file association
  87. Disable Print Job Notifications in Windows XP
  88. How to fix Disk Defragmenter problems in Windows XP
  89. Program Compatibility Wizard buttons are blank
  90. Error message when trying to access Add or Remove Programs
  91. Error message when starting the Server service in Windows XP
  92. FIX: Windows Security Center service does not start
  93. User Accounts applet is completely blank, or displays raw HTML code
  94. How to associate Notepad to open files with no extension
  95. Windows Installer: Dealing with installation failures
  96. How to automate Disk Defragmenter using Task Scheduler
  97. The option "Create a wizard disk in the following drive" is grayed out when using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
  98. Event Viewer snap-in fails to initialize
  99. Error message when you try to open a MMC Console
  100. How to rollback the registry settings after Windows OneCare Safety Scanner Cleanup
  101. How to schedule a defrag so that it runs only when needed
  102. Windows Firewall Exceptions tab has an entry named @xpsp3res.dll?
  103. "Open Containing Folder" in Search for Files and Folders does not work
  104. Wrong Email Account listed for an user in the Welcome screen
  105. Error "Internet Explorer could not install this search provider" when adding a Search provider
  106. An error occurs while installing the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
  107. The Copy items and the Move items dialogs open partially off the screen
  108. Windows XP Services - Description