Personalize Settings Says “Some settings are managed by your organization”

If the Personalize settings page show the red text message Some settings are managed by your organization at the top, it means that some of the settings in that particular page are locked down by an administrator in that computer, via Group Policy Editor or through the registry. For classic Control Panel items, you may see the message One or more of the settings on this page has been disabled by the system administrator if one or more Policies are set for that page.Read more

Fix Cannot Unpin FTP Links from Quick access in Windows 10?

When you access an FTP site using File Explorer and Pin it to the Quick access section, the FTP site shortcut remains stuck and can’t be removed or unpinned. When right-clicking on the Pinned FTP link in the navigation pane the context menu doesn’t contain any options, except for an option named Expand, and that too dimmed out.Read more

How to Reinstall Microsoft Print to PDF After Deleting it Accidentally

reinstall microsoft print to pdf printer in windows 10

Windows 10 and 11, as you know, includes the Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer built-in that can print (convert) documents to PDF format from any application.

Microsoft Print to PDF is a handy tool in Windows 10/11. In the previous Windows Operating Systems, users needed to use a third-party tool or virtual printer driver to convert documents or web pages to PDF. Most users, including me, have been relying upon the Cute PDF Writer driver or similar drivers supplied with PDF reader applications — e.g., Adobe Acrobat or Fox It Reader. And don’t forget Microsoft’s own Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.

Interestingly, many Windows 10/11 users accidentally delete Microsoft Print to PDF and wonder how to restore it. This post explains how to restore/reinstall the Microsoft Print to PDF printer if you’ve accidentally deleted it.Read more

Remove Camera Roll, Saved Pictures and Screenshots Folders & Libraries

The Camera Roll and Saved Pictures folders are two special folders that show up in the Pictures Library and in the user profile’s Pictures folder. Camera Roll is a folder used by the modern Camera app, and the photos and videos you create using the Camera app are saved in the Camera Roll folder. Likewise, Saved Pictures is used by the Photos app.

Some users who don’t use these folders or features and are looking how to permanently delete the Camera Roll, Saved Pictures, and the Screenshots folders. No matter how many times you delete the Camera Roll and Saved Pictures folders, they simply recreate automatically after some time.

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How to Disable Full Row Select and Auto Arrange in Windows 10?

The magical registry edits that I provided several years back to disable auto-arrange and full row select features in Windows 7, also work fine in Windows 10 just as they did in Windows 7. For a detailed explanation about the registry edits (fflags values), check out my earlier posts How to Disable Full Row Select in Explorer in Windows 7? and How to Disable Auto Arrange in Folders in Windows 7?. The registry edit in the latter article is even better, as it disables Auto Arrange in addition.

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How to Use the File History Feature in Windows 8 and 10

File History, included in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, is used to backup your personal files at chosen intervals and recover a specific version of the file you want from backup. To use File History you need to select an external drive or a network location where you want to backup the files to. You can designate an external drive or network location for File History for multiple PCs. We’ll see how to configure and use File History in Windows 8 and 10 in today’s post.Read more