Find Which Program is Constantly Reading or Writing to Disk

taskmgr read bytes i/o write bytes

Does your hard drive LED in the computer’s chassis show non-stop disk input or output activity? If the I/O operations occur at an alarming rate, sometimes even at 100% disk usage, find the process and stop it from running, especially if you’re using Solid State Drive. If you’re wondering which process is thrashing your hard drive continuously, here is how to find the offending program.

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How to Find Which Process has Locked a File in Windows

Find Which Process Has Locked a File

When you attempt to delete a file or folder which is in use by a process, the File In Use dialog appears showing the name of the program that has locked the file.

However, there are cases where the “File In Use” dialog doesn’t show the name of the process that has a lock on the file you’re trying to delete. In some cases, the dialog will show “the action can’t be completed because the file is open in another process“.

Find Which Process Has Locked a File

For investigating processes and locked files, Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer is probably the first option that comes to mind for most users. However, there are two built-in solutions to display the current open files list along with corresponding process names.Read more