How to Remove Easy Clean Mode in CCleaner

disable ccleaner easy clean option

CCleaner 5.57 introduced a cleaning mode named Easy Clean to make the interface simpler and easy to understand for users who are not tech-savvy.

Easy Clean provides a simpler, more intuitive interface and uses everyday language to explain the types of files that can be cleaned. Files are now categorized as either ‘Trackers’ or Junk’ and when a user wishes to customize their clean, the purposes of each file type is explained (for example, Temporary Internet Files are described as ‘Files left behind when you visit websites’).Read more

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows

find and delete duplicate files in windows - ccleaner

Over time, you may accumulate duplicate files or imported photos on your hard disk due to mismanagement or accidental copying to another location. In some situations, the duplicate files or photos may have completely different names than the original. How do you find duplicate files or photos on your hard disk and remove them to free up the disk space?Read more

[Fix] Thumbnail Cache Auto Deletion Problem in Windows 10

thumbnail cache folder

When you browse a folder containing media files, Windows generates thumbnail images of your image and video files if the folder view is set to thumbnail view (medium, large or extra large icons.) The generated thumbnail is cached and written to database so that the system need not regenerate the miniature thumbnail images every time you open the folder.Read more