“Failed to open the file” Error in Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch App

snip failed to open the file

When you use the Snipping Tool to screenshot the screen or a window, the snip may be copied to the clipboard but the Snipping Tool can’t open the image. The following error appears after taking a screenshot: Snipping Tool Failed to open the file. On Windows 10, the Snip & Sketch tool may throw the … Read more

Snipping Tool Error “The snip could not be sent” Sending Snip to Email

snipping tool send mail error

After taking a screenshot using the Snipping Tool, when you attempt to send the snip to email by clicking on the Send Snip (email recipient) button on the toolbar, the following error messages appear:

Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client.
The snip could not be sent. Check that an email program is installed and then try again.

snipping tool send mail error


The above errors occur if there is no MAPI-compliant mail client installed in the system. The modern Mail app won’t support the MAPI or the Send To → Mail operation; you’ll need to install a mail client like Microsoft Office Outlook, Mailbird, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other mail clients with MAPI support.

Some users observed that this happened especially after installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (v1709). If you already have a compatible mail client installed and yet the error appears when sending snips to email, follow the instructions in this article.Read more

Take Screenshot in Windows 10 Using Different Ways

how to take screenshot

In any version of Windows, the PrintScreen key captures the screen to the clipboard, which can then be pasted in Paint or any image editor and saved to a file. However, Windows 8 and Windows 10 save you that additional step, making it very easy to capture your screen and saving to a file in a single keystroke. This article discusses various methods to take screenshots in Windows.Read more