Task Manager text unreadable after installing KB5020044

task manager display unreadable KB5020044

After installing the KB5020044 update for Windows 11, Task Manager might display certain elements in the user interface (UI) in unexpected colors. On affected devices, Task Manager should function as expected, but some parts of the UI might not be readable. You might be affected by this issue if you have “Choose your mode” set … Read more

“PC-Doctor Module” High CPU, Memory, Disk Usage and Slowdown

dell pc-doctor module 100% cpu and memory usage

Occasionally, your system may slow down to a crawl due to the PC-Doctor Module process that runs in the background. When this happens, it can take several seconds to open the Task Manager or any program.

The Task Manager may show that a process named PC-Doctor Module is occupying 100% of CPU and a very high amount of RAM. You may be wondering if PC-Doctor Module is a virus, Malware, or a PUA.Read more

Find Which Program is Constantly Reading or Writing to Disk

taskmgr read bytes i/o write bytes

Does your hard drive LED in the computer’s chassis show non-stop disk input or output activity? If the I/O operations occur at an alarming rate, sometimes even at 100% disk usage, find the process and stop it from running, especially if you’re using Solid State Drive. If you’re wondering which process is thrashing your hard drive continuously, here is how to find the offending program.

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How to Remove Invalid Entries from Task Manager Startup tab

task manager startup tab dead entries - onedrive

Managing startup entries was possible using the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe), in Windows 7 and earlier. This functionality is now provided by the Task Manager in Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11, which features a new “Startup” tab that lists all auto-start entries in the system.

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