How to Associate AutoCAD Script (.SCR) Files With Notepad?

AutoCAD Script files and Windows Screen Savers, both use .SCR file extension. If you’re trying to change the .SCR file type association to edit your AutoCAD scripts with Notepad or any other editor, you’ll note that the Open With… right-click menu option isn’t available for .SCR files. That’s because they’re classified as executables by Windows. … Read more

Error “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” And its Workaround in Windows 10

In Windows 10, when you click Windows Update from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, the error “Windows cannot find wuapp.exe” occurs. This is because the file wuapp.exe, Windows Update page launcher tool that existed in earlier versions of Windows has been removed in Windows 10; but Internet Explorer 11 still references this file.Read more

Enable or Disable AutoComplete and Inline AutoComplete in Run Dialog and Explorer

run dialog autocomplete not working

As you type a path in the File Explorer or Windows Explorer address bar, the Run dialog or in the Create New Task dialog in Task Manager, the file or folder name suggestions are shown in a list box.

Auto-complete drop-down option (auto-suggest) enabled

When you type a letter in the Run dialog, the AutoComplete feature may not work (the drop-down box may not be displayed). However, when you hold the Alt key and press the Down arrow, the Run history is displayed correctly in a drop-down box. The same applies to the File Explorer address bar.

Auto-complete drop-down option (auto-suggest) disabled

In case if the auto-suggest and/or the append completion (auto-fill) features don’t work, or if you want to disable one or both features, this post tells how to do that.Read more

How to Create Automatic System Restore Points Daily in Windows 10/11

system restore list of restore points in windows 11 - 24 hrs frequency

This post tells you how to schedule the creation of daily System Restore point during startup or logon in all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The first method involves a VBScript that I wrote to create restore points, and the 2nd method uses the WMI command-line tool Wmic.exe. The script method has an advantage where you can force the creation of restore point even if a previous restore point was created within the last 24 hours.Read more

How to Create a Custom View for System Restore Events in Event Viewer?

System Restore errors and informational events are logged in the Application event log. With hundreds of other entries added to the Application log every day, inspecting the System Restore events is time-consuming. Every time the user needs to use "Filter the current log" option to display only the System Restore entries, and then clear the filter once the entries are checked. Easier option would be to create a Custom View that lists only the System Restore entries, and this post tells you how.Read more