How to Free Up Gigabytes of Disk Space in Windows

free up disk space in windows 10

Windows 10 updates, especially the feature updates, consume enormous disk space as Windows stores the older copies in case you want to roll back to the previous version. Hard disk drives have become cheaper and affordable nowadays. A 1 TB SATA HDD costs less than $50. But, if you’re using an old, low-capacity hard drive from an old computer and want to free up disk space, this article tells you how to do that.

After installing a feature update, Windows 10 automatically cleans up the previous Windows installation files (Windows.old) after ten days. However, there are some other ways with which you can free up disk space in Windows. Let’s see some of the options.Read more

Stop Disk Cleanup and Storage Sense from Emptying your Downloads folder

disk cleanup downloads folder

If you use Disk Cleanup, you will want to be aware of a change to its options since the October 2018 feature update (v1809). Disk Cleanup, now also has the option to delete the contents of your Downloads folder.

disk cleanup downloads folder

However, many users like to use the Downloads folder as permanent storage area to preserve their downloaded files. This post tells you how to prevent Disk Cleanup and the modern Storage Sense tools from clearing files in your Downloads folder.Read more

[Fix] Thumbnail Cache Auto Deletion Problem in Windows 10

thumbnail cache folder

When you browse a folder containing media files, Windows generates thumbnail images of your image and video files if the folder view is set to thumbnail view (medium, large or extra large icons.) The generated thumbnail is cached and written to database so that the system need not regenerate the miniature thumbnail images every time you open the folder.Read more

Why doesn’t Disk Cleanup Clear the Temp Folder Contents Completely

disk cleanup delete all temp files

Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr.exe) is a built-in tool in Windows that offers some useful cleanup options not available in other 3rd party cleanup tools. It can remove superseded device drivers, Temporary Files, Internet Explorer cache, obsolete Windows Updates, Previous Windows Installation (Windows.old) folder, and much more.Read more