Fix: Can’t Install Appx, AppxBundle, and Msixbundle Files in Windows

appx, appxbundle, msixinstaller don't run

The file types .Appx, .AppxBundle, and .Msixbundle are app installer or setup packages. On a default Windows 10 or 11 installation, you can double-click these file types to run them. But, if the App Installer (a.k.a, “Desktop Installer”) Store app is removed from the system, the .Appx, .AppxBundle, and .Msixbundle files don’t run when double-clicked.Read more

[Fix] Windows Batch Files (.bat) do not run when double-clicked

comspec setx

When you double-click a Windows batch file (.bat) or a .cmd file, one of the following symptoms may happen: The error “Windows cannot find ‘filename.bat’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” occurs when you run a .bat or a .cmd file. The batch file opens a Command Prompt window, but … Read more

Restore Missing “Extract All” Option to Zip Right-Click Menu

restore extract all command zip files context menu

When you right-click on a .zip file (Compressed Folder) and click “Extract All”, it extracts the contents of the .zip file to a folder, and automatically opens the folder. Extract All option may be missing because of incorrect .zip file association setting, especially after installing and uninstalling a 3rd party archive utility.

This article tells you how to get back the Extract All option to the right-click menu for Zip files.Read more

How to Remove File Type Associations Using Registry Editor

find progid for a file type registry

Associating a file type with a program can be done using several ways, such as using the Open with… dialog and selecting the “Always use this app to open” checkbox, or via Default Programs or Default Apps. While you can set or change associations using GUI, there is no option provided to delete an existing file type association.

This post tells you how to remove file type associations using the Registry Editor.Read more

[Fix] .EXE Files Open in Notepad or Other App when Double-clicked

exe files open in notepad

Summary: Double-clicking an .exe file may open Notepad or any other application, displaying junk characters. On some systems, the Open with dialog may appear when double-clicking .exe files. This article explains how to fix the .exe file association in Windows 10 and 11.

Did you accidentally use the Default Programs or Open With dialog to associate .exe file types with an application like Notepad? This causes every program to open in that chosen application. Unfortunately, Windows does not provide an option to reset the .exe file associations. You need to fix the association settings using a .reg file or script.Read more