Remove “Scan with Microsoft Defender” Right-click Menu Entry

remove "scan with microsoft defender" shell extension blocked

When you right-click on a file, folder, or drive, you’ll see the “Scan with Microsoft Defender…” option. It’s a useful option to custom scan a specific file/folder/drive. However, if you want to remove the option to declutter the right-click menu, this article tells you how. The “Scan with Microsoft Defender…” option is powered by the … Read more

How to Make UAC Always ask for Password on Admin Accounts

UAC asks for password even if logged in as an administrator

When you’re login to an admin account and initiate an action that requires administrative rights (elevation of privilege), the UAC will ask for consent (instead of the username and password.) You select either Yes (“Permit”) or No (“Deny”) in the consent dialog. This operation will happen on the secure desktop. However, Windows binaries will be allowed to perform an operation that requires elevation without consent or credentials. This is the default behavior for admin-approval mode in Windows.Read more