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How to reinstall Netmeeting in Windows XP?

Published: Aug 09, 2005
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NetMeeting provides people around the world with a whole new way of communicating. With NetMeeting you can participate in meetings, collaborate in files using NetMeeting features, and share information over the Internet or your corporate intranet.

Some situations require you to reinstall Windows® Netmeeting® to fix problems. One example is that Netmeeting® may quit immediately after launching; the splash screen may appear for few seconds and nothing. Here is how to reinstall Windows Netmeeting®

Reinstalling Netmeeting

  • Click Start, Run and type %Systemroot%\Inf
  • Locate the file named msnetmtg.inf

Note that it may display as just msnetmtg if the Folder options is set to hide the extensions

  • Right-click the msnetmtg.inf file, and choose Install
  • When you're prompted for the Windows XP CD-ROM, do any of the following:
  1. Point the installer to %Systemroot%\i386 or %Systemroot%\ServicePackFiles\i386 folders, whichever location has the latest version of system files.
  2. Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM into the drive. Note that if you've a Service Pack installed, you need the slipstreamed XP CD. If you don't have one, use method 1 above.

The installer will restore the required files and registry keys for Netmeeting® to restore the functionality.