Error "'xmldoc.documentElement' is null or not an object " in most of the Help and Support pages

Published: June 17, 2005
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When you open a page in Help and Support Center, the following error may appear.

'xmldoc.documentElement' is null or not an object

For example, accessing the Help Topics such as What's new in Windows XP or Change your password may return the above error.


The error suggests that one of the variables used in the Javascript returns null data, usually occurs when parsing an XML document.

In most cases, clearing the Temporary Internet Files and the TEMP folder should fix the problem.

Clear the Temporary Internet Files

Clear the contents of the TEMP folder

Some files in the TEMP folder may be in use. If so, ignore the error and continue deleting the remaining files in that folder.

Note: The above procedure may not help if you're receiving another error (such as ActiveX component cannot create object )