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How to add an AutoPlay Handler for an Event ?

Published: July 01, 2005
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The article Preparing Hardware and Software for Use with AutoPlay at MSDN explains how to register your own Autoplay entry for a particular Event. To make things easier, Tweak UI adds the functionality of creating custom Autoplay handlers Event-wise. This article explains how to add DeepBurner (CD burning software) to the Blank CD Autoplay event. At the end, DeepBurner software will be listed in the Autoplay dialog shown when you insert a Blank CD in the drive.

Adding DeepBurner to the Blank CD insert event

  • Download TweakUI and install it.
  • Launch TweakUI and navigate to this section:

=>  My Computer
==>  Autoplay
===>  Handlers

  • Click Create
  • Fill-in the Description fields accordingly. (see Fig 1)
  • Click the Change Program button
  • Locate the application (in this case, DeepBurner.exe)
  • In the Supported Media list, select Blank CDR
  • Click OK, and OK to apply the settings and close TweakUI

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To remove unwanted Autoplay Handlers and to fix other Autoplay dialog problems, you may use my CleanHandlers utility (freeware).