Published: May 02, 2005
Updated : June 15, 2005
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services.exe - Process information

The legitimate services.exe file will be present in the following location in a Windows XP system:


There are viruses and trojans that use the same name as services.exe. In most cases, the bogus services.exe might be present in your Windows folder, and added to the RUN keys so that the Malware loads at every startup.

Note that the legitimate Services.exe does NOT load from RUN key. If you receive an error message similar to the one below, then this may be due to a Malware or virus activity. Anti-virus software usually removes the viral file, but leave the corresponding entry from the Windows startup registry keys, and hence this error is seen:

It's advisable to run a full system virus scan. Then, remove the traces of services.exe from the RUN (Startup keys) registry keys. More Information on managing Windows Startup