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Published: April 09, 2005
Updated : June 27, 2005
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When you type-in a letter in Start, Run text box, the auto-complete list box will be displayed, populated with entries from these two different areas:

RunMRU registry location

The history of most recently used commands from the Run command on the Start menu are stored in the following registry location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ RunMRU

The RunMRU entries can be erased by by clearing the Recent documents list in the Start Menu and Taskbar Properties. See this KB for more information:

Display, Use, and Clear "My Recent Documents" on the Start Menu in XP

To remove these RunMRU entries selectively, open Regedit.exe and navigate to the above location. Highlight and delete the entries in the right-pane.

Visited web sites listing from the Index.dat file

The entries that appear when you type something in the RUN box (but not normally displayed when you click the drop-down), comes from the Index.dat file that belongs to Internet Explorer. Using the Clear History button in Internet Options General tab will help. If not, you may try completely deleting the index.dat using the methods described here.

To prevent the web addresses from being displayed in RUN box, open Internet Options from Control Panel. Select the Content tab, and click the Auto Complete button. Under section Use AutoComplete for, uncheck Web addresses. Note that un-checking this option also disables the CTRL + ENTER functionality in Internet Explorer Address bar.

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