FileExtInfo - View the association settings for a file type easily

Published: August 14, 2005
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I can't remember the number of instances where I needed the registry export of file extensions, file class and any other related key pertaining to a file type, while helping others fix file association and other related problems.

Thorough inspection of file association settings require a sufficiently good knowledge about the Windows registry, and it can be a tiring job sometimes. To ease things, I've written a small utility which exports all possible registry branches that are associated with a particular file type. The information (REG format) is consolidated and presented in a single text file to make troubleshooting easier.

FileExtInfo utility - Version 2.0

FileExtInfo tool presents a list box which contains the list of file extensions present in your Windows registry. To view the association information about a particular file type, choose the appropriate extension in the list box, and then click View file association report.

The file class data will be captured to a text file and opened with Notepad. The log file FileExtInfo.txt is created in your Desktop. This utility does no modifications to the registry, but merely reads them. Download (contains fileextinfo.exe and readme.txt)

Note: This utility was originally written for Windows XP and Windows Vista systems only, but may work in Windows 9x/2000 systems also.