Clicking the Windows Update link in Help and Support Center causes error 'undefined'

Published: February 19, 2005
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When you click the Windows Update link in Help and Support Center, the following error (error text : Undefined) may be shown and Windows Update page may not open.

The same error may occur when you click the following link in Help Center:

Find compatible hardware and software for Windows XP

To resolve the problem, temporarily disable third-party script blockers if installed any. Note that some anti-virus and firewall software have script-blocking function in-built. If that does not help, register the system libraries as follows:

Execute these commands from Start, Run dialog:

  • regsvr32 wshom.ocx

  • regsvr32 jscript

  • regsvr32 /i mshtml (Don't run this command if using IE7 or higher)

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