How to Print Your Windows Update History By Exporting to Text or HTML File?

winupdateslist - view installed windows updates

Every time you install an update or system installs it automatically, the Windows Update history is updated with the KB number. You can check the Windows Update history, but the GUI provides no option to print the list of updates installed from the Windows Update history screen. Here a couple of tools from Nirsoft site that can help you print the Windows Update history.Read more

Show Hidden Files and Folders Missing or Does Not Work

show hidden files and folder does not work

The Folder Options dialog’s View tab allows you to show or hide hidden and system (protected) files in Explorer. The hidden files have the HIDDEN attribute. Protected files (aka, “super-hidden ” files) have the SYSTEM attribute.

There have been many support incidents lately where the File Explorer does not show hidden files and folders even though you enable the Show hidden files, folders and drives option in the Folder Options dialog. However, the files and folders can be viewed when using Windows Search or using the DIR /A command from a Command Prompt window.

Also, when you go to open the Folder Options and click the View tab, both the radio buttons Do not show hidden files and folders and Show hidden files, folders and drives may be enabled.

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How to Rebuild Icon Cache in Windows 10 or 11

tips bulb icon

We may face the icon cache corruption issue sometimes in Windows 10/11 and earlier OS. The icon cache corruption causes the wrong icons to show up for certain programs or in certain areas of the Windows shell, or no icons at all. For example, your pinned taskbar shortcuts may show up with the wrong icon.Read more

Reset the Always ask before opening this type of file setting

When downloading files using Internet Explorer, you may see the Open/Save confirmation box (as shown below) for certain file types. If you uncheck the Always ask before opening this type of file check box, the preference is saved in the user part of the registry. Also, the configuration is stored in a separate registry value for each file type.

Here is how to reset the Open/Save choice for a specific file type or all file types in Internet Explorer.Read more

Add Run as Administrator Context Menu Item for VBS and JS files

By default, Windows does not include the Run as Administrator option in the context menu for Vbscript (.VBS) and JScript (.JS) files. So, to run a script elevated, you either need to launch the script from elevated Command Prompt window, or use the VBScript self-elevation method as described in article How to Automatically Elevate a Vbscript to Run it as Administrator?

Besides that, you can add the Run as Administrator option to the context menu so that you can run a script elevated from the right-click menu.Read more

Add “Edit HOSTS file” option in the context menu

The HOSTS file, originally introduced to resolve hostnames to IP addresses, is also an effective tool to block Malware. To modify the HOSTS file in Windows, you need to elevate Notepad.exe or any other text editor which you use. Otherwise, you’ll see the following error when trying to save the HOSTS file:

Cannot create the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

Make sure that the path and the file name are correct.

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