How to Disable Video Autoplay in Google Chrome Browser?

chrome autoplay disable

Autoplay of video content when you visit a news site or computer magazine portal is one of the most annoying things that can happen to users. Every time we need to pause those videos or move the slider to the end of the video to stop it from playing. It’s not just a nuisance but also an unnecessary wastage of network bandwidth and traffic.

This article tells you how to stop automatic playback of audio and video content on websites when browsing in Google Chrome.Read more

Browser Autofill Phishing Using Hidden Form Fields – Beware and be Safe

browser autofill phishing

If you’ve been using your web browser’s autofill on every website you visit, then here is some important news for you. It has been found that the web browsers such as Chrome, Safari or others that support multi-form autofill can be tricked into giving away your information, even the Credit Card numbers, their expiry dates and the CVV codes to websites.Read more

Apply a Light Theme for Chrome Incognito

chrome incognito light theme

With the implementation of Material Design in recent desktop versions of Google Chrome, the dark color scheme has been applied for incognito mode. Some users still prefer to have the usual, light theme for incognito mode, but there is no built-in option or chrome://flags setting for this.Read more

Set Custom icon for PDF Files with Chrome or Firefox as the Default PDF Viewer

change firefox pdf file icon

If you’ve associated PDF files with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to make use of browser’s built-in PDF viewing capability, the PDF and HTML files would show up with the same Chrome or Firefox icon in File Explorer. This post tells you how to set a custom different icon for PDF files, with Chrome or Firefox as the default PDF viewer.Read more

How to Print Directory Contents Using Different Methods

print directory contents in windows - tree command

You can copy folder contents by selecting all items in a folder, pressing Shift key and clicking the Copy as Path command in the right-click menu. Then open Notepad or any other text editor and paste the contents from the clipboard.

print directory contents in windows - copy as path

But if you need to print the directory list for the current folder and subfolders recursively, you need a different approach. This article discusses different ways to list folder contents including the Windows command-line method, or using Google Chrome, or Firefox web browser.Read more

How to Import or Export Google Chrome Passwords to a File

chrome export passwords to csv

Here’s a quick tip on how to import and export saved credentials in Google Chrome from/to a CSV file. Export Chrome Passwords to a CSV file Open Google Chrome and open Settings. Under “Autofill”, click “Passwords”. Click the “More actions” kebab menu icon (denoted by three vertical dots) near the “Saved Passwords” section. Click Export … Read more