Error: WFS.exe is missing in Windows 10/11

wfs optional features

When you try to launch Windows Fax and Scan by running its executable WFS.exe, you may encounter the following error:

Windows cannot find 'c:\windows\system32\wfs.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

The file wfs.exe may be missing in the Windows\System32 folder. You may be wondering how to start the Windows Fax and Scan program.Read more

How to Completely Uninstall a Driver in Windows 11/10

uninstall driver via apps and features

Windows comes with many built-in drivers for various hardware. When you connect a device to your computer, Windows will automatically install drivers from the driver store. If a suitable driver is unavailable in the store, you can use the vendor-supplied device driver or let Windows download the device driver automatically from the Microsoft Update servers.Read more

Can’t Open CMD.exe After Uninstalling Python/Anaconda; Exit Code 1

vscode cmd.exe error 1

After uninstalling Python/Anaconda on your Windows computer, Command Prompt may not open. When you run cmd.exe, it flashes on the screen and immediately quits. Also, running DISM and SFC (to repair corrupt system files), repairing Windows installation, and running a thorough malware scan may not fix the issue.Read more

Can’t Access Documents, Pictures, Music After Uninstalling DropBox

shell folder location unavailable - dropbox

When you access a user shell folder such as Pictures, Documents, or Music after uninstalling a cloud sync software, the following error may occur: Location is not available C:\Users\Ramesh\Music is unavailable. If the location is on this PC, make sure the device or drive is connected or the disc is inserted, and then try again. … Read more

“Turn on fast startup” option missing in Windows 11/10

fast startup option missing

Fast Startup is a feature in Windows 8/10/11 that speeds up the boot process significantly. With the Fast Startup feature enabled, when the user shuts down the computer, what happens under the hood is a hybrid shutdown sequence.

However, on some computers, the Fast Startup and Hibernate features will be missing. When you open Power Options in the classic Control Panel, the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option may be missing.Read more

How to Add “Open command window here” in Windows 11

open command window here in windows 11

In Windows 11, the context menu “Open Command window here” doesn’t exist by default. Instead, you’ll see the “Open in Windows Terminal” and “Open PowerShell window here” (when you press Shift + right-click) options in the folder context menu.

This article tells you how to add “Open Command window here” (in Windows 11) to open a Command Prompt window in that directory path.Read more

How to Reset WindowsApps folder Permissions to Default

windowsapps restore default permissions

Summary: This article tells you how to reset the WindowsApps folder permissions (and ownership) to Windows default.

The WindowsApps folder under the Program Files folder stores the modern app packages. Each package folder under WindowsApps contains a manifest (named AppxManifest.xml) that contains a special XML namespace for packaged apps. When you reinstall built-in apps using PowerShell add-appxpackage command-line, it uses the corresponding app’s package folder under WindowsApps.

The WindowsApps folder is not browsable in File Explorer by default. This is due to tight permissions assigned to the folder.

windowsapps restore default permissions

To access this folder, many users tend to take ownership of the folder and sub-folders. Some users also change the permissions for this folder and sub-folders arbitrarily, and later observe that some of the installed Store apps fail to work.

warning caution iconEven worse is that some users would reset the permissions for WindowsApps, its subfolders, and files (recursively) using the Icacls.exe reset command-line. This is not recommended, as the WindowsApps folder doesn’t inherit any permission entries from the parent (Program Files) folder by default. Instead, this folder has very restricted permissions, including one or more conditional ACEs.

Read more