Powercfg: The hiberfile type does not support hibernation

power options - hibernate missing - dropdown

When you open the Power and sleep buttons and lid settings in Power Options, the Hibernate option may be missing from the dropdown. However, the “Fast Startup” option may be available. When you run Powercfg /AVAILABLESLEEPSTATES or Powercfg /A to report the sleep states available on the system, the output may contain the following line: … Read more

Can I move Hibernation file (hiberfil.sys) to another drive?

hibernation file move using regedit

When you hibernate your computer, the system dumps the entire memory contents to a file named hiberfil.sys in the system root folder. It’s a hidden & system file whose default size is 40 percent of total physical memory (RAM) on a Windows 10 computer. The fast startup feature also uses hibernation technology and the hiberfil.sys file.

If the physical memory on our computer is 16 GB, the default size of hiberfil.sys would be 6.4 GB. Many users, especially those who use a small-capacity SSD drive for the Windows partition, may be wondering if they can move hiberfil.sys from the system root folder to a different drive (like moving the pagefile.sys) to free up disk space on the system drive.Read more

Switch Power Plans Quickly via Desktop Right-click Menu in Windows 10

Switching power plans require you to open Power Options applet from Control Panel, or from the Start button’s right-click menu which can also accessed by pressing Win + X. This post tells you how to switch power plans using command-line or shortcut, which you can also implement in the context menu if you use it frequently.Read more