Restore “Import pictures and videos” AutoPlay Option in Windows 10/11

import pictures and videos autoplay windows 10

Windows 10 has the Import photos and videos option in the AutoPlay dialog which helps you import photos and videos from your phone, SD card, camera, etc. The option uses the built-in Photos app to import photos and media from the device into your Pictures folder.

import pictures and videos autoplay windows 10

However, many users would like to have the classic “Import pictures and videos” import wizard (powered by the Windows Photo Viewer) instead.Read more

Play Chess Titans, FreeCell, Solitaire, Mahjong in Windows 10 [Windows 7 Games]

The Games pack bundled with Windows Vista and Windows 7 included some some nice piece of software like Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans and Purble Place and some card games. Microsoft decided not to include the Games pack in Windows 10, as it now offers Modern or UWP version of some of those games from the Windows Store, which are ads supported.Read more

Get Old Classic Calculator in Windows 10

Windows 10 introduces the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which provides a common app platform for every Windows 10 device. This also means that your favorite classic Win32 desktop applications are going to vanish one by one over time, just as already happened to the Sticky Notes and Calculator applications. And Paint appears to be the next, which will be replaced by Paint 3D.Read more

How to Add Classic Desktop Background and Colors Applets to Windows 10 Control Panel?

Windows 10 has a new user interface (i.e. the Settings page) for changing the desktop background and setting colors. The classic Desktop Background and Colors and Appearance options are replaced, but they still exist in Windows 10. Recently we saw how to access the old or classic style Desktop Background and Colors page using canonical names or command-line in the article Personalize Shows Only 24 Choices for Background Color.Read more