Microsoft Print to PDF Is a New Feature in Windows 10

One of the cute little additions in Windows 10 is the Microsoft Print to PDF option. To convert documents or web pages to PDF, one needed to use third-party tools or virtual printer drivers all these days. Most people, including me use Cute PDF Writer driver or similar drivers supplied with PDF reader applications like … Read more

Copy Process Details in Windows Task Manager to the Clipboard

The Windows 8 Task Manager has several new features and improvements. Of which, one of the nice additions to the Windows 8 Task Manager is that you can copy process details to the clipboard by pressing CTRL + C. This is one of the little new, but overlooked additions in Task Manager.Read more

Find the Current Desktop Background Wallpaper File in Windows 10

transcodedwallpaper themes jpg

If you’re using desktop background slideshow or third-party wallpaper changer software and want to find the file name of the currently displayed desktop wallpaper, then this article is for you. The current wallpaper path is are stored in the registry but is not displayed in the modern Personalize settings page in Windows 10.

This post tells you how to find the current wallpaper file name and path in Windows 8 and Windows 10.Read more